Privacy Policy

Section 1 - Applicable Services and Sites

This privacy policy is applicable to the following ENRGN RCRDS Sites and Services

1. The Main Website (
2. The ENRGN RCRDS WebStore (
3. The ENRGN RCRDS Demo Drop (

Section 2 - The Information We Collect and Store

This section will state what information we collect when you use the services listed above

a. Your email address (from the WebStore and Demo Drop).
b. Your IP Address (from the WebStore).
c. Your personal information including name and address.

Section 3 - How The Information We Collect is Stored

The information we collect from you when you use our sites or services will be stored in secure databases on the ENRGN RCRDS Servers.

Section 4 - How The Information We Collect Will Be Used

  • Email Address

1. In the WebStore: This will be used to notify you of details such as your order status, invoices and other related notifications.
2. In the Demo Drop: This will be used to contact you regarding the demo you submit.
3. In the ENRGN RCRDS Newsletter: This will be used to send or deliver the newsletter to you once you sign up for the Newsletter.


Your IP Address will be used to prevent and investigate fraudulent activities carried out on the WebStore.

  • Your Personal Information

Your personal information including your name and address which you enter on the WebStore will be used to process and deliver your orders.

Section 5 - Miscellaneous

ENRGN RCRDS reserves the right to change and modify any or all of the policies stated here.