Email Guidelines


When contacting the label, you have different email options to choose from. This section will explain on which email address you should send your message to based on the reason of the message.

  1. For General Inquiries or feedback, please use the contact email or the contact form in the contact page.
  2. For inquiries related to licensing, partnerships/sponsorships or management, use the management email in the contact page.
  3. The artists support email is only for artists who have releases under ENRGN RCRDS. This email can be used for inquiries regarding upcoming releases which have been approved by the label or issues regarding currently existing releases.


This section will explain the guidelines to follow when writing your email, these guidelines should be followed in order to avoid any confusion and will enable smooth communication.

  1.  Please state your message clearly
  2. If you have any feedback or just want to say hello, then by all means go ahead, we would really appreciate your feedback!
  3. Emails regarding partnerships/sponsorships should be sent from a verified company email addresss (for example [email protected]). This is to verify that we are dealing with a legitimate company.
  4. We do not tolerate and spam or troll emails. Sending spam emails will instantly get the sender email blacklisted.
  5. Inquiries regarding submitted (but not approved/rejected) demos should be sent to the demo email ([email protected]) and not to any of these contact emails.
  6. Disregarding these guidelines will result in us ignoring your email